Dear Hungarians, Friends of Hungary and Guests,

Welcome to the homepage of the Consulate General of Hungary in Los Angeles.

Hungary is a close ally of the United States of America through the treaties and agreements that govern our relationship and provide a solid basis for a broad cooperation on a range of issues. The size of the Hungarian population living in the United States is significant, with the number in California alone estimated at 150,000.

The Consulate General in Los Angeles represents Hungary in eighteen Western US states, where we provide consular services and information about Hungary.

Representing Hungary as Consul General, I will strive to find synergies between two great communities, the Hungarian and the American, and promote partnerships and alliances between Hungarian and US companies, organizations, universities, research institutions, the film industry, athletics and tourism.

In doing so, I will also rely on the support of the Hungarian-American community, whose unique talents and accomplishments enable the creation of a special bond between our countries. As Hungary seeks to redefine its relationship towards Hungarian minorities around the world, I will do my utmost to reach out to the Hungarian diaspora across our consular district.

As a diplomat, my aim is to promote a positive image of Hungary to the local community and in the media.

Apart from these duties, the Consulate General of Hungary pays special attention to aiding Hungarian nationals with consular issues. All of the employees of the Consulate General are at your service to provide advice and render assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Tamás Széles

Consul General