The goal of Hungarian Language–Hungarian Studies training is to increase the Hungarian language competence and “Hungarology” knowledge acquired at universities outside Hungary. The programme provides a great opportunity for participants to actively explore Hungary and contemporary Hungarian culture. The accredited training programme affiliated with the University of Pécs, offers 26–55 ECTS credit points. The training programme is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

There are three types of curricula (A, B, C) available according to the different language competence of students.

The 10-month long training consists of two semesters including a study period of 13/15 weeks and an exam period of 4 weeks. During their study period students have to attend 28/30 classes, while in the exam period they have to take 4-6 exams. During the training there are cultural programmes as well, e.g. museum visits organized for the students.

Improving the students’ language skills is a major goal of the training. Intensive language learning takes up 12–28 lessons a week in small study-groups. Language training is completed with an international ECL language exam approved by the Hungarian state. Its credit value is of 10/15 depending on the level (intermediate or advanced).

The interdisciplinary courses in Hungarian Studies transfer complex and diverse knowledge of the present Hungary and its cultural heredity. Beside compulsory lectures and seminars students take part in optional seminars according to their individual field of interest. The credit value of “Hungarology” studies is all in all 16/36/40.

At the end of their training students sit for a language-exam. At the end of Training-B and -C they also write a final paper and take a final exam on one of the topics of their Hungarian studies.

Class attendance is compulsory. Should a participant miss classes without cause, or violate the Study and Exam rules or Disciplinary Guidelines, he/she will lose the right to continue the programme and the right to dormitory placement. Any individual who has been expelled from the programme will have to repay all stipend (monthly allowance) received up to that date.


Duration of the programme is 10 months (September 2020 – June 2021).

The scholarship includes:

  • full tuition fee
  • HUF 45,000/month allowance (to be paid monthly)
  • free accommodation in the dormitory (3-bedded rooms)
  • student card (offering discounts)
  • basic health services

Maximum number of scholarships to be awarded: 40



Individuals between the age of 18 and 35 years of non-Hungarian citizenship, whose native language is other than Hungarian, and are graduate or undergraduate students of Hungarian studies are invited to apply.



Deadline of applications: 04 March 2020, 24.00 (UTC+1)


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